Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tourists with Cameras

which way to turn
always looking through a lens
not seeing

© 2008, gerald england

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Jazel said...

wow..can we exchange link. thanks pls my site.

stromsjo said...

Good point. I spent an entire night recently literally looking through the lense and somehow missing a lot of the magic. Sometimes one should venture outside without a camera, how's that for a mental challenge?

Area 17 said...

I agree totally with per stromsjo; sometimes I get more 'photographic memories' if I don't use the camera! ;-)

Gerald, perhaps though we should start a series of 'people watching haiku' now?

As I'm an official people watcher with a camera I'm probably one of the most guilty. ;-)

stromsjo said...

A friend of mine once wanted me to do the video shooting of his child because he felt the camera created a distance between him and the kid.

In the case of us (hobby) photographers I suppose it's a matter of concentration. Same thing with an athlete, I guess. They focus on doing their thing and miss most of the atmosphere at the event.

Gerald (SK14) said...

An earlier one of fine that touched the same theme is

In this case I watch the birds and have given up trying to photograph them.