Saturday, August 30, 2008

Autumn Haiku 2008

Hey folks! Just a reminder, please e-mail me at to be included in Fall Haiku 2008!!

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bronze tipped grass
bent with dew

Friday, August 29, 2008

the leaf's chewed edge releases the moon

Late Summer

Clouds drifting slowly
through the sunny blue sea
late summer breeze
warms my heart and bone
in a peaceful moment.
blood on the pillow -
the mosquito
of my dream


sang sur l'oreiller -
le moustique
de mon rêve

Summer Haiku 2008 shutting down a little early

running away from
the fickle guy -

Hi Everyone,
This site will shut down earlier than scheduled: on Saturday, August 30, in the afternoon, instead of September 1st.

I am preparing to evacuate before Tropical Storm Gustav makes landfall. My tentative plan is to drive from New Orleans to Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Right now, the co-administrator, Steve, is busy setting up the Autumn site, so he won't be taking over the Summer one. He has enough to do right now, plus if Hanna heads his way, he might also have evacuation plans.

It's been a pleasure to haiku with you. I hope to participate more in the Autumn.

again, she pauses
in front of him
in her new sports bra
his eyes remain focused
on his book
morning jaunt
single yellow rose
waves in the breeze

Thursday, August 28, 2008

morning tea in bed ~
she stirs
tea party
under the linden tree ~
snails in our shoes
midnight shift
stopped by the smell of rain
at open bay doors

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Autumn Haiku 2008

Hello one and all! With such wonderful works of expression abounding, we have decided to help Isabel out with the 2008 Autumn Haiku site!

To be invited to this blog, send your:

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to Steve at

If you participated in the previous seasonal blog, and all the information is the same, just let Steve know that fact.

If you don't receive an invitation, check your TRASH or BULK or SPAM mailbox, in case the invitation ended up in those folders.

You will need to register with Blogger in order to contribute to the blog. You can register with your email address; you don't need to get a gmail address.

This blog is open to all haiku poets! Please submit your FAMILY-FRIENDLY haiku, senryu, tanka, haiga, or haibun.

You can also submit photos or drawings to enhance our experience of reading your one-breath thoughts!

Artwork or photographs should be the original work of the contributor. If not, it is the contributor's responsibility to ensure that they have permission to use the work.

ALL POSTS WILL BE BOLD AND IN RED. If you decide to use another color, please make sure that your text doesn't disappear into the background.

The only requirement for posting is that there should be an AUTUMN theme.

Postings/day: 3 maximum.

This blog will last from September 1, 2008, and end on December 20th.

Here's looking forward to Autumns wonders!!
All the best,
Steve - Administrator and Alan - Co-Administrator.

Autumn, turning

With a fluttering
Canada geese turn south and
Ginkgo leaves turn gold
autumn blowing in -
morning commute-
mimosa leaves uncurl
and welcome the day
Gathering swallows -
I gave up summer
before it ended.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My friend, Juliet P. went to the Audubon Zoo Insecterium this past Sunday. She was inspried to write:

fitting in
moving about

surrounded by insects
swarms of

little pests
here and there
whiny children
in the corner
ran out

(Poet-in-Residence blogspot now has a review of John McDonald's haiku book - The Throu-Gaun Chiel)
last days of summer
chanmpagne grapes in the market
mums starting to bloom


Two full moons
and the brightest mars:
summer end


Two moons
so far away
yet so near
like rain landing gently
on my open arms


Monday, August 25, 2008


Summer Olympics competition
a four year circle
for the sake of the world
may it never be unbroken.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

clouds, wind and rain
takes my mood from august
to september
gardening today
in front of blood red grass
black sedum blooming

Steve will be taking over

Steve has agreed to become the Fall Administrator! Thank you.

He is in the process of creating the new blog. I am helping him transfer links over to the Fall site.

There will be another post soon, asking for emails, so he can send invitations.


Wanted: A c0-administrator
Job-check comments and delete spams, when Steve needs a break or goes on a short vacation.

Summer Olympics

Summer Olympics
the world's best athletes
fiercely compete, but in peace
just for a few weeks reigns