Sunday, August 24, 2008

Steve will be taking over

Steve has agreed to become the Fall Administrator! Thank you.

He is in the process of creating the new blog. I am helping him transfer links over to the Fall site.

There will be another post soon, asking for emails, so he can send invitations.


Wanted: A c0-administrator
Job-check comments and delete spams, when Steve needs a break or goes on a short vacation.


Nora said...

Thank you, Steve. And Isabel! Well done!

Alan Summers said...

Well done Steve, glad someone stepped in, it's very much appreciated.

Isabel, I'm tempted to be a co-administrator unless someone else steps forward. What will the traffic be like?

You can email me via my With Words contact page if you like:

all my best,


John McDonald said...

yes indeed it is much appreciated steve and thanks isabel for a lot of hard work

Ackworth Born said...

glad someone has stepped in - Alan co-admin job is really a doddle.

I ran the autumn one a couple of years back and after the initial setup the only thing you really have to do is check comments for the occasional spam or inappropriate one.

I don't think I had to kill more than half a dozen at the most.

A few new comments still get left on old posts - sometimes irrelevant/spam but sometimes not - can't remember having to deal with anything nasty but there needs to be a monitor just in case.

Alan Summers said...

Thanks everyone, and thanks Gerald for lowdown on co-administrator.

I'll certainly keep my eyes peeled for spam, but fingers crossed it will only be us haiku poets posting. ;-)

I'm looking for some terrific Fall/Autumn shots in posts too, and comparing the various U.K. and U.S.A. leaves, as well as other countries like Canada and other autumnal countries! ;-)

all my best,

co-administrator, with many thanks to Steve for being the main guy!

Mandy said...

Having helped Isabella earlier I can confirm that there were hardly any comments that needed deleting.