Friday, August 29, 2008

Summer Haiku 2008 shutting down a little early

running away from
the fickle guy -

Hi Everyone,
This site will shut down earlier than scheduled: on Saturday, August 30, in the afternoon, instead of September 1st.

I am preparing to evacuate before Tropical Storm Gustav makes landfall. My tentative plan is to drive from New Orleans to Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Right now, the co-administrator, Steve, is busy setting up the Autumn site, so he won't be taking over the Summer one. He has enough to do right now, plus if Hanna heads his way, he might also have evacuation plans.

It's been a pleasure to haiku with you. I hope to participate more in the Autumn.



Nora said...

Be safe and well, Isabel. Thanks again for your work.

Damien Gabriels said...

Thank you for that summer, Isabel, and all my best wishes for the coming days

Wordcrafter said...

Have a good trip, and hope all is well, and thank you for all the good work with the summer haiku site.

Ashi said...

Be safe Isabel, we have the opposite weather right now here in Denmark, but I hope for the best over there.

John McDonald said...

safe journey isabel see you soon

Reihaisha said...

Thank you for the the place to share our summer

WorkingWords100 said...

Thanks for your kind words!

kouji said...

take care, isabel.

Alan Summers said...

All my best, take good care of yourself!